Simple Pleasures Comparison Chart

Hard Times?

When funds are tight, you want to get maximum value for money out of everything, including your leisure activities.

Think how much pleasure reading can give, and how little it costs for a pre-loved book from The TOPSHAM BOOKSHOP.

Reading is one of the most rewarding and inexpensive pastimes: for less than a fiver you can be transported to another world for hours (or even days!)

Compare this with your other pleasures......(see our Pleasure Comparison Chart)

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The Simple Pleasures Comparison Chart!

As-new paperback from The TOPSHAM BOOKSHOP:
on average £3.00 for 300 mins

Swim at Pyramids pool: £3.35 for 60 mins
Pint of beer in the pub: £3.50 for 30 mins
Bottle of claret (Waitrose): £4.25 for 100 mins
Single train fare to Crediton: £4.40 for 33 mins
Watch a film at the cinema: £7.00 for 90 mins
Takeaway pizza (small): £8.00 for 20 mins
Tour of Killerton House: £8.40 for 60 mins
Large fruit cake: £12.00 for 120 mins
Visage House manicure: £26.00 for 30 mins
Indian Head Massage: £35.00 for 45 mins